MAM Original Start Soother

The test at a glance

Tested by: 200 midwives

In the period: February 2023 – April 2023

100 % of midwives recommend the MAM Original Start soother.

Test content:

200 midwives tested the MAM Original Start soother for four weeks. The MAM Original Start Soother has been tested by the midwife and her pregnant/breastfeeding/mother/parents for everyday use, applicability and general handling. Further components of the product test were: skin-friendliness, breast-feeding-friendliness, dental-friendliness, acceptance, the extra small shield, the symmetrical suction part, the high quality of the materials, the cleaning and the sterilization box.

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Product description

Breastfeeding-friendly & traceable to responsible resources: the MAM Original Start Soother

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As soon as babies are born, they receive important protection and love in the arms of their parents. Especially the warm breast and the associated proximity of the mother’s body are fundamental for the healthy development of the little ones. This also includes breastfeeding, which provides the little ones with essential nutrients, but also helps to calm down when needed. But what if the child’s need for suction is particularly pronounced beyond the mere intake of food? Breastfeeding and pacifiers? Is that okay?

As soon as breastfeeding is established between mother and child, which can take two to four weeks individually, but also longer, according to the latest studies, a pacifier can be given without any problems – without risking suction confusion.

The correct shape of the suction cup is important:

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With its flat, symmetrical shape, which was modelled on the nipple, the MAM Original Start Soother ensures a smooth combination of pacifier and breastfeeding periods. This allows the nipple to recover between breastfeeding and prevents sore nipples. 94% of babies accept the MAM soother instinctively. (Source: MAM market study 2010-2022 tested with 1,541 babies) Many midwives have therefore recommended MAM soothers in their daily practice for a long time (source: Produkttest, March 2021 with a recommendation of 97%). With its jaw-compatible shape, the MAM Original Start Soother also prevents tooth misalignments.

Due to its extra small and light shield with large air holes, the soother is well tolerated for the sensitive baby skin. The MAM Original Start Soother is naturally free of hazardous chemicals such as BPA and BPS. Practical: All MAM Original Start soothers are commercially available with a practical sterilization and transport box, which allows the soothers to be sterilized in the microwave in no time. This saves time in the turbulent daily life of babies and reduces energy and CO2 emissions by up to 77 % (Global Product Carbon Footprint Study, AT 2017, conducted by denkstatt).

For a healthy tooth and jaw development

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The flat, symmetrical suction cup, which was developed in close cooperation with dentists, prevents tooth deformities with its jaw-friendly shape and supports healthy tooth and jaw development.

Future-oriented products of the highest quality

As a visionary company, MAM is constantly evaluating new materials and improving the materials they use. MAM DNA stands for outstanding safety and first-class quality – from the raw material to the final product. MAM uses polypropylene for its outstanding properties: resistant to bacteria, dimensionally stable and easy to sterilize. Polypropylene, which is traceable to responsible resources, offers exactly the same properties. By focusing on responsible resources, MAM is taking the first step towards supporting a circular economy and decoupling fossil resources. Since 1976, MAM has stood for the highest quality and innovative, appealing design combined with medically proven benefits.

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Key data

1Soother shield, button & sterilization box are made of polypropylene, which is traceable to bio-circular raw materials according to the mass balance method certified by ISCC PLUS
BPA/BPS free: This MAM product is made of BPA and BPS free materials.
**Baby means everything to you, so MAM does everything to offer you extra-safe products. For this reason, many MAM innovations are researched and developed in partnerships with healthcare professionals. In addition, the internal safety standards and testing criteria go far beyond the norms. These efforts have been formally recognised by the European Commission, which has awarded MAM the prestigious EU PRODUCT SAFETY AWARD 2019. For MAM, there is nothing more worth striving for than supporting the healthy development of babies and making everyday life easier for parents.

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Further information about the brand

Parents are demanding. MAM is, too. That’s why MAM has been developing baby products that are unique in their design and function for over 45 years. The products are the result of intensive collaboration between experts from the fields of medicine, research and technology. In this way, MAM products support the individual development of each child and make everyday life easier for babies and their parents. All MAM innovations follow this principle. Parents can rely on that. And babies feel good about it.

Test results

Positive feedback:

Breastfeeding friendlinessbreastfeeding-friendly
Dental friendlinesstooth-friendly
extra small signvery good
symmetrical suction partvery good
High qualityvery high quality
Sterilization boxvery practical

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