Veroval® baby infrared thermometer

The test at a glance

Tested by: 200 parents

In the period: February 2023 – may 2023

93 % of parents recommend the Veroval® baby infrared thermometer.

Test content:

200 parents tested the Veroval® baby infrared fever thermometer for four weeks. The Veroval® baby infrared fever thermometer was tested by the parents in the company of their midwife for everyday use, applicability and general handling. Further components of the product test were: handling, contactless measurement, confidence in the measurement result, measurement time, size and readability of the display, visual noiseless fever alarm, storage of up to 10 measured values, quality, possibility of surface temperature control, instructions, storage option and price-performance ratio.

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Product description

Good recovery, baby!

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If the baby or toddler is sick, parents always want to be by their side. If the skin of the little ones feels unusually warm, do they want to know more about it: fever, yes or no? If so, how much has the temperature increased and how is it developing? A regular measurement makes sense – especially infants should be closely monitored at elevated temperatures and should always be presented to a doctor if in doubt. Thermometers that enable non-contact measurement have proven their worth so that the measurement can be carried out stress-free for the child and even during sleep.

Non-contact fever measurements during the day and at night

The Veroval® baby infrared thermometer scores with its high measuring accuracy and short measuring time. Within just three seconds, the device detects the body temperature thanks to clinically proven infrared sensor technology with high measurement accuracy.

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The use is simple: without touching, parents hold the device to the child’s forehead and guide it at the same distance to the temple. An integrated LED position guide makes it easier to use even in the dark bedroom. After a few seconds, the measurement result is displayed on the large illuminated display – without disturbing noise. Even the fever alarm from a temperature of 37.6 °C is not indicated by an acoustic signal, but only by a red light. All in all: good conditions for the child to be able to sleep undisturbed, even if parents want to control the temperature at night. Not only at night, but also during the day, the thermometer is a useful companion – after all, the non-contact method for children is certainly the most pleasant way to measure fever.

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Versatile use

And since most illnesses are usually overcome quite quickly, the thermometer can even be used in other areas of the family household: for example, to control the temperature of baby bottles, bath water or room temperature.

Key data

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Further information about the brand

The brand stands for a special form of health care: Veroval® offers precise measuring devices for monitoring one’s vital signs.

Important information:

With a changeover, you will soon find the Italian and Spanish seal as well as the test results. During this transitional period, both product names will be available on the market. This adaptation does not concern the product itself, but only its description.

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Test results

Positive feedback:

measurement timevery good
size of the displayvery good
visual silent fever alarmvery good
possibility of storagevery good

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